Say Hello to Our New Blog!

John Wayne Airport 2008

Welcome to JWA Direct, the official blog of John Wayne Airport, Orange County! We are excited to share our stories covering a range of topics, from Amenities and Destinations to Behind the Scenes and Travel Tips. Since we are just getting started, we would like to give you a quick tour of our new blog’s features and content. Enjoy your visit!

Getting to Know the JWA Direct Blog

When you first visit JWA Direct, you are greeted with a large photo of the barrel roof of the JWA Terminal, an architectural signature of our Airport. Scroll down and you will find all of our most recent articles in the left column and links to our social media, article categories, and archives in the right column. The blog format is responsive to the device you’re using to access our articles, so a mobile device will list recent articles first and relocate right-column links to the bottom.

Our articles are now organized by categories which are prominently displayed at the top of each page. To find exactly what you are looking for, we provide a search bar at the top of the right column. Go ahead and have a look around—we have included articles from the last two editions of our newsletter for you to browse.

Why the Change?

After analyzing how readers have been using JWA Direct newsletter emails, we realized that it was time to offer a different kind of content in a new, streamlined format. We have shifted the focus to cover items such as historical facts about JWA, destination information, and behind the scenes stories of what it takes to make the Airport run smoothly every day.

This new blog format allows us to post articles throughout the year, rather than at a specific interval, which results in more timely information. We are also able to share stories about topics that are more in-depth, interesting and feature-related. The flexibility of a blog allows us to post articles of any length, and the articles are archived in a way that makes it easy for the reader.

Our social media presence grows each day and you can see links to our social platforms near the top of the right column. We have seen how quickly information can spread when using social media channels, and our new blog makes it easier to publish directly to those platforms. We look forward to seeing you share our content with everyone in your circle!

Moving Forward

We invite you to subscribe to our blog by signing up for email notifications at the bottom of this page. As we transition more fully to the blog format, we will continue to send the JWA Direct newsletter emails for the remainder of 2018. That means 2018 Spring, 2018 Summer and 2018 Fall editions of the newsletter will be emailed as normal. At the start of 2019, we will discontinue sending the email newsletter, and we will begin posting exclusively on our blog.

This change will not affect news release emails—if you’re currently receiving news releases by email, you will continue to receive them with no action required on your part.

If you’d like to continue receiving our new and exciting blog content, please subscribe now!

We hope you enjoy our new blog.

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