Refill and Drink Up!

Fill up at one of John Wayne Airport’s water refill stations located in the Terminal.

Ask any wellness pro or flight crew member how they stay healthy while traveling, and most of them will tell you it involves drinking more water. To help you stay hydrated, JWA is excited to announce the recent installation of new water refill stations in all three Terminals. You can find the water refill stations at the water fountains next to the restrooms in Terminals A, B and C.

Each refill station is designed specifically to allow for water bottles of virtually any size to be refilled with ease. The water comes out fresh, cold and filtered. Each station has a sensor that detects the water bottle placed on the station and begins releasing the water, without requiring any buttons to be pushed. They are fast, free and easy to use.

Consuming extra water before, during and after your flight helps counteract the arid conditions on airplanes that can dehydrate you. Drinking water is essential for your body to function normally, and it helps us look and feel better too. Staying hydrated is also the best way to protect yourself against the common cold by helping your system flush out germs.

After going through security, grab your empty water bottle, find the JWA water refill station, fill up and stay hydrated!

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