Worried Your Bag is Overweight?

Weigh table with sign

Nothing ruins your vacation excitement like unexpected baggage fees. Repacking on the floor of the airport terminal because your luggage is over the allowed limit is never any fun either!

JWA’s new weigh tables can help you avoid additional baggage fees and the embarrassment and eye-roll of those passengers waiting in line behind you. Each Terminal has a custom fabricated repacking table with a scale located on the Departure (upper) Level in the ticketing areas.

If you need to repack or move items from one bag to another, using the scale before you head to the ticket counter is much easier than guessing and trying to accomplish it crouched on the floor. The table allows you to remove heavy items and redistribute the weight so that no one bag exceeds the airline’s weight limit. (Make sure you check with your airline to know their bag weight limit.) You’ll not only avoid incurring the dreaded overweight fee, but you will move through check-in more quickly.

JWA’s weigh tables were specially designed and custom built to provide a surface where bags can be repacked, along with a scale that is similar to those used by the airlines.

Overweight baggage fees can be much more expensive than checked bag fees. Packing light is one of the best ways to avoid extra baggage fees, but sometimes that isn’t an option. If your luggage is too heavy, we recommend transferring items into your travel partner’s suitcase or to your carry-on.

Avoid the weight and fly through check-in – John Wayne Airport’s new weigh tables will lighten your mood!

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