2020 Annual Report Released

Make no mistake, 2020 was a difficult year for John Wayne Airport. We saw passenger traffic drop to record lows, markets temporarily suspended, and commercial flights decrease significantly—all of which affected our revenues.

Like the rest of the nation, we responded quickly to minimize impacts. For those still flying, we’ve taken all the right precautions to make our Airport as clean, safe, and healthy as possible – while maintaining our exceptional guest experience.

We are using our time now to focus on recovery – and stimulate business for the future. This year’s 2020 Annual Report highlights our response to the crisis and the prudent financial steps taken in recent years to prepare for emergencies like this. Our efforts to prepare for a rainy day yesterday, are helping us weather the storm today.

Despite the challenges, we believe there are “Sunnier Skies Ahead.”  In fact, we are already seeing brighter days. We hope you’ll read all about our efforts in the John Wayne Airport 2020 Annual Report.

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