Helping Hands Makes Trip Easier

Cheryl Waters receives recognition for Helping Hands program

John Wayne Airport’s award winning “Helping Hands” program, which helps meet the needs of families traveling with individuals with hidden disabilities, received a letter of thanks highlighting the program and recognizing our dedicated employee, Cheryl Waters, a Customer Relations Staff Specialist, for her assistance in providing an exceptional guest experience.

We applaud Cheryl for providing a superior guest experience every day and are pleased to share the heartfelt letter:

August 1, 2021

Recently my family and I were traveling to the Midwest for a family reunion.  My special needs granddaughter was flying with us.  She is unable to wear a mask under any circumstances.  I learned of a program called “Helping Hands” that is available at John Wayne airport to assist travelers if needed.  I contacted them and was put in touch with Cheryl Waters who oversaw our trip.  This is a wonderful program that I am hoping to spread the word about.  Cheryl set up a “walk-through” at the airport so my granddaughter would know what to expect.  Cheryl accompanied us and introduced us to employees who would help us the day of travel.  Cheryl stated she would be there to get us through security and to our gate.  Our flight was delayed by 2 hours, Cheryl was there to greet us on arrival at John Wayne.  Again, she accompanied us as we got our boarding passes, went through security, and accompanied us to our gate.  We had no problems because of Cheryl and the “Helping Hands” program.  I will encourage anyone traveling if they need extra assistance of any kind, reach out to Cheryl and she will help you in any way she can.  Our trip was made easier because of her and this worthwhile program.

J. Cashman

Helping Hands is provided at no charge and is available daily from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. To learn more about Helping Hands click here or call 949-252-5200.

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