Supporting our Animal Friends

John Wayne Airport has proudly partnered with OC Animal Allies to collect spare change from our traveling guests. All proceeds collected help support their mission and programs, including our very own OC AirPAWS.

AirPAWS brings trained therapy dogs to the Airport Terminal to help make travel more enjoyable. The human and dog ambassadors volunteer their time at the Airport, greeting interested guests and providing joy to those who want to hug, smooch or photograph them.

OC Animal Allies is a local 501 (c)(3) organization. There are seven donation receptacles located throughout the Terminal at each security screening area. Why not donate that noisy pocket change before getting on your flight and help an organization that also brings smiles and comfort to those in hospitals, schools, and senior centers.

If you’d like to meet our dogs and learn more about OC Animal Allies, please visit OC AirPAWS.

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