Got Mints?

Valet Parking Offers Water and Mints

John Wayne Airport tenants, Laz Parking and Hoag Health’s Fly Well Clinic, partnered together to offer a breath of fresh air to Valet Parking guests during drop-off and pick-up.

How did Laz Parking and Hoag Health encapsulate a refreshing take on hospitality? By offering pocket-sized containers of mints to elevate the guest experience.

“In addition to the mints, we provide returning Valet guests with a bottle of water,” said Mehran Torkzadeh, LAZ Parking General Manager. “Guests love this simple gesture. It helps create a lasting impression and adds to the entire guest experience at JWA.”

Hoag Health has also partnered with the United Airlines United Club located at Gate 9 in the Terminal to provide travel-sized hand sanitizer to guests.

What better way to start a trip than with fresh breath, hydration, and cleanliness? 

It is JWA’s hope that Airport guests find convenience and comfort in these small tokens of appreciation.

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