12 Steps to Pack Like a Pro


Businessmen Hold Luggage Business Trip

With the spring and summer travel seasons upon us, here are 12 helpful steps to Pack Like a Pro. Don’t worry, the steps are easy!

  1. Flat Surface
    Unlike the earth, the perfect packing surface is flat.
  2. Lay Out Everything
    Gather everything you think you need to pack and create your “travel layout.”
  3. Remove 1/3
    Be your own travel editor – carefully review your layout, and remove about 1/3 of the items.
  4. Use Your Shoes for Storage
    Ready to roll? Fold socks and small items into your shoes.
  5. Pack Shoes
    Pull out your suitcase and place your shoes in first, heel to toe. Doesn’t that sound like it could be a song, “Heel to Toe, Heel to Toe”?
  6. Roll and Tuck Smaller Items
    Roll smaller items – shorts, bathing suits, pajamas – and arrange around shoes, keeping the surface flat.
  7. Layer Garments
    For clothes that are bulky that you want to keep somewhat pressed and looking crisp, lay half of the item, such as a dress, suit jacket or jeans, in the suitcase with the other half of the item outside of the suitcase. If you have more than one bulky item, alternate each separate garment on top of the other before folding them into the suitcase. Another tune pops into mind, “This Way, That Way.” (See image)
  8. Fold Layered Garments by Alternating
    Now fold each garment into the suitcase, one at a time, layering each on top of the other. Hopefully, your suitcase looks as even as ours! (See image) Now is a good time to add your belts around the edges of the suitcase. This is an efficient use of space and helps fill in any odd gaps!
  9. Add a Protection Layer
    To protect your clothes from any toiletry mishaps (it’s happened to all of us at one time or another), place a laundry bag, pillow case, or some other barrier between your clothes and your toiletries.
  10. Pack Your Toiletries
    Double bag liquid items, lay flat and add other items such as hair care tools, books, tablets and cameras.
  11. Last in are Collared and Buttoned Shirts
    For those who have shirts that are meticulously ironed or dry-cleaned and folded, the last thing you want to do is wrinkle them. Place those shirts on top before closing your suitcase.
  12. Ready to Roll
    Close and zip your suitcase completely. You are Ready to Roll now that you’ve Packed LIKE a PRO! Safe Travels!
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