Blazing Trails

Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza is opening soon at John Wayne Airport. Recognized as a leader in fast artisanal pizza, the chain is located adjacent to Javi’s in Terminal B/C. The 1,094 sq. ft. restaurant includes plenty of seating in the large food court area.

“Using scratch-made dough, totally clean ingredients and pizzas cooked by fire, Blaze has always offered the best quality pizzas at an insanely good value,” said Jim Mizes, president and CEO of Blaze Pizza. As the first made-to-order pizza concept, Blaze features an interactive open kitchen format that allows guests to customize their pizza as they move through an assembly line of fresh ingredients.

The restaurant even caught the attention of Los Angeles Laker, LeBron James, who became an investor in 2012. “From day one, the best thing about Blaze has always been the quality of the product,” he said in an interview with Fast Company. “When you have a really good product that people enjoy, everything else takes care of itself.”

The JWA Business Development team has made considerable outreach and engagement efforts with Orange County retail and dining operators to provide new and unique options for our guests.  While travelers enjoy the familiarity of national brands, there is also a strong preference for local concepts, and Blaze Pizza definitely caters to everyone.

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