New Noise Event Collection and Management System

Viewpoint, a user-friendly platform for submitting noise events, was recently launched at John Wayne Airport, replacing the more labor-intensive email system. The new portal system, which is fully integrated with the Airport’s Noise and Operations Management System (ANOMS), has already proven to be a success. The streamlined system automatically submits noise events, improving consistency and facilitating more efficient data collection. 

The Viewpoint portal allows users to submit noise events directly from their mobile device or computer. Users can create a personal profile, storing and saving information to eliminate re-entering name, address and phone after logging out or switching devices. Users can also access and track their noise event history submitted through Viewpoint.

For those who prefer, there is also a new interactive telephone voice response system available, including voice to text transcription, available in addition to the online system. Click here for more information and to download the Viewpoint portal. The Viewpoint automated telephone system can be accessed at 949.252.5185. 

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