John Wayne Airport Enjoys Tustin Tiller Days

For the first time, JWA sponsored and participated in the 65th Annual Tustin Tiller Days, a three-day community event with an estimated attendance of 50,000 people. The event pays homage to Tustin’s agricultural roots.

The event provided an excellent opportunity for JWA staff to speak with residents and educate them on the services and programs available at the Airport. Over the three days of the festival, staff spoke with hundreds of residents, pet all the dogs, and handed out fun travel-themed promotional items.

John Wayne Airport continues to expand our community presence, participating in new events throughout the year. JWA is grateful to the Tustin Tiller Days Organizing Committee, a group comprised of volunteers and Tustin Parks and Recreation staff that produces the annual event, for their partnership and support. For more information on JWA’s Community Outreach and Engagement, visit our outreach web page.

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